NAYAN..... Living with Glaucoma

I started my Glaucoma practice almost two decades back.

Over the past years I have seen the entire spectrum of disease and patients, with common and uncommon findings.

What was always intriguing was why some patinets progressed faster and some never, some were very ignorant about their disease while some had overload of internet information. Some had lots of anxiety, even though they were doing well, some seemed least affected. Some were very regular with their medication and followup while some were least concerned. Sadly, I saw patients who had bacome blind due to the disease, where some extra caution and regularity on their part could have saved vision.

Glaucoma doesnt only affect the vision but affects the life of the individual and their families.

Nayan is an initiative to help glaucoma patients understand their disease better, to empower them to learn to live with it, while being regular with treatment and adapt to the lifestyle changes that may benefit them. It is our hope that we may also be able to demystify glaucoma as a disease, and also explain in simple terms the why and how of the treatment process, something which we may not be fully able to do in the space of an individual consultation. We also hope to impart best practices, new advances and answer common doubts and questions each patient or their family may have. Last, we hope patients would gain confidence and support by meeting other patients facing similar situations.

Together we will win!


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