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Normal eyesight is a priceless gift, and needs to be cared for and protected from disease and injury. In our country, sadly thousands of children and adults lose this treasured gift due to diseases... Read more

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Ophthalmology services are incomplete without community services. Community services in form of eye camps, public lectures, events on World Glaucoma Day, dissemination... Read more

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Complete Eye Care aims to provide comprehensive eye care using the best in technology and medical skill. At the basic level, we certainly provide regular eye-care services for all common diseases, with mission to improve patients' quality of life through vision preservation and restoration.

At the advanced level, with Speciality Clinics, we offer personalized and individualized care for every patient with complex eye problems who comes to the centre, and is always patient-centric. The depth and breadth of clinical experience at best centers in India and abroad enables us to offer such a level of care.

This venture has been initiated with aim to provide early effective treatment to the patients at affordable cost. A firm commitment to quality and ethics is at the heart of all services provided at Complete Eye Care.